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My name is Ces, I am a Personal Assistant by profession, professionally-trained Chef, amateur food photographer but my food is my passion and my reason for being. For me, food is my ultimate sensual experience. I get inspired when food is at the purest form of itself. I will be sharing to you a lot of different things— from epic recipe videos, kitchen gadget reviews, discovering places and restaurants in Europe, and interesting random stuffs I do in life.


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As much as I want to accommodate every product or service for an intensive review, I intend to focus on the ones that matter. My social media presence is dedicated to the brands and people I love and believe in, in order to produce honest and credible content for everyone. I want to create a reliable and trustworthy source of food, lifestyle & travel information for all of my followers to serve as a guide or reference on their day to day enjoyable living. Do you believe that your brand is worth it? Send me an email at info@ceskitchen.com. I am excited to have a grand experience with you.

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